Browser Compatibility

This site uses SVG (Scalar Vector Graphics) to display graphics of contig assemblies, SNP locations, linkage maps, and blast results.

You will need to install the Adobe SVG v3.0 plugin which is available from here. Microsoft Internet Explorer will be able to display SVG using the Adobe SVG plugin straight away. However, if you wish to use Mozilla Firefox or Mozilla browsers you will have to do the following to make these browsers display the SVG using the Adobe plugin:

  • Download and install the Adobe SVG 3.0 plugin
  • Copy the two files NPSVG3.dll and from the folder C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\SVG Viewer 3.0\Plugins to the Firefox or Mozilla plugin folder (usually C:\Mozilla Firefox\plugins or C:\Program Files\Mozilla\plugins)

  • We recommend that you use Microsoft Internet Explorer to view the site. You will find that some of the javascript used in the SVG images does not work in the Mozilla browsers, but currently these are not essential features of the website, but just visual aids.