Polymorphisms for ABC17073

Schematic of mutation locations within contig assembly 'ABC17073_1'

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Polymorphic base positions

Positions indicated by red arrows are mapped SNPs.
SNPs detected by primers
Consensus sequence positions 4
Golden Promise |L01R01| R|a_1C
Golden Promise |L01R01| L|a_1C
HS92 |L01R01| L|a_1C
HS92 |L01R01| R|a_1C
Lina |L01R01| R|a_1T
Lina |L01R01| L|a_1T
Morex |L01R01| R|a_1t
Morex |L01R01| L|a_1T
OWB D |L01R01| L|a_1C
Optic |L01R01| R|a_1C
Optic |L01R01| L|a_1C
Steptoe |L01R01| L|a_1C
Steptoe |L01R01| R|a_1C